No closure yet for MH370 families

  • 02/19/2019

The families of MH370 passengers say Malaysia’s confirmation that a discovered wing part belonged to the plane brings them little in the way of closure and instead opens up more questions.


Jeanette Maguire, whose sister Cathy and brother-in-law Bob Lawton vanished along with the plane and 237 other passengers and crew 17 months ago, says she has been left with mixed emotions since the part, called a flaperon, was found last week.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak on Thursday confirmed the piece was from MH370, while French authorities are saying it’s highly probable it is from the plane.

“We needed to find where this plane had landed and where it ended up and to have some little bit of information has been very rewarding,” Ms Maguire told the Nine Network.

“It’s still a lot of raw, mixed emotions in there, but it is a relief.

“I don’t know when closure will ever happen.”

The family had been hit hard in the 17 months since the plane went vanished, with her father suffering heart and kidney failure from the shock.

“Cath and Bob’s girls have gone through a very hard time with their mother and father just disappearing,” she said.

“Trying to piece our lives together is very, very difficult.”

George Burrows, the father of Australian passenger Rodney Burrows, says he hopes to get more answers.

“We were getting over things … and then this happens and (we are) back to square one,” Mr Burrows told ABC radio on Thursday.

Many relatives have accused Malaysian authorities and the airline of a bungled response to the disaster, a possible cover-up, and insensitive treatment of families.

In Kuala Lumper Jacquita Gonzales, wife of MH370 chief steward Patrick Gomes, said finding the plane was the only thing that would bring closure.

“Now I want to know where the main body of the plane is so that we can take out the passengers and get the black box so we can know what happened,” she said.

“Only that, for us, will be full closure.


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