NSW mum describes son’s fight for life

  • 02/19/2019

Little Banjo Pilon now has the “super powers” he’d wished for just a day before the car accident that killed him.


While he lost his heroic fight for life, 10-year-old Banjo will “live on in happiness” with the children who will survive because of his donated organs, his mother says.

On Monday afternoon, Banjo was skateboarding with his friends on a suburban street in Wamberal, just north of Terrigal, when he was struck by a car.

He was airlifted to Sydney Children’s Hospital in a critical condition, but died two days later.

His family has donated Banjo’s organs to help other children.

Banjo’s mother, Jilly Pilon, poured her heart out on Facebook just a few hours after her son died.

Mrs Pilon said the day before Banjo’s accident, the 10-year-old was asked “If you could have one thing, what would it be?”, and immediately Banjo had answered “Super Powers”.

“You have your super powers now my darling, live on in happiness with all these special people you will soon be a beautiful part of.”

Mrs Pilon wrote she was “so proud” of her Banjo, who fought so hard to recover from his critical injuries.

“Hey Banj, what a special little man you are and always will be mate,” she posted.

“You have put up the greatest fight these last two days our angel. So proud of you and how strong you’ve been.”

Mrs Pilon said her son fought through three cardiac arrests, heart surgery and brain surgery before his body gave way to the serious injuries.

“At 3.01pm today, whilst your precious little heart still beats strong, it was time to declare you’ve moved into another dimension,” Ms Pilon wrote.

“We now savour every last minute with you our little hero before you are taken to donate your organs tonight to other sick little children and give them your special gift of life.”

Investigations into the accident are continuing, but local police said early indications show it appears the child had ridden out on his skateboard into the path of a car.

A 19-year-old male driver was taken to the local hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing after the accident.

No charges have been laid.

Only days before, the Pilon family had been rejoicing in the success of Banjo’s older brother Fletcher, an aspiring musician, who had been chosen to perform as the supporting act at Australian singer Cody Simpson’s Gold Coast and Sydney concerts.

Fletcher, 14, will no longer perform at Simpson’s Gold Coast show on Friday, and it is not yet known if he will attend Saturday’s performance in Sydney.

Banjo, the youngest of three children, also has a sister, Gabbi.


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